Nov 3

Webinar: Building a Loyalty Program with Heroku Enterprise, October 25, 2017

A Loyalty Program is an integral part of all business in today’s global capital markets. Companies must focus on avenues to drive market share or to maintain its current market share and avoid the customer from fleeing to the competition. A well developed loyalty program will keep customers happy by: Easily tracking customer’s rewards Allowing

Mar 24

How Ethos Solutions Helped Transform Treatment for Brain Disorders

What began almost 20 years ago with a ground-breaking idea and a desktop computer today serves as a successful method for treating patients with brain disorders—from depression to post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). The company behind the success story is California-based CNS Response, which developed a method for using brain images to identify medications best suited

Jan 14

Red-Hot Application Takes Grilling Experience to New, Mouth-watering Heights

Even for seasoned grillmeisters (and who doesn’t claim to be one), not every steak or fish fillet turns out as planned (not to mention backyard BBQ novices). You might be distracted by your kids, or an urgent phone call gets in the way—and you lose track of time only to end up serving an undercooked