Ethos Partner Ready for Salesforce Communities

A customized ready made solution that sits on top of Salesforce Partner Communities

More than just another self-service portal, Ethos Partner Ready facilitates bi-directional information flows between companies and their partners to drive the success of both throughout the entire partner lifecycle—from onboarding, training, and co-marketing to sharing pipelines, resources, and analytics.

Fast-Tracking Partner Community Implementations

Salesforce Communities offers a powerful collaboration platform for business organizations and their channel partners.

Ethos Partner Ready makes the Salesforce Community Cloud more attractive than ever before. The solution offers an off the-shelf, quickly configurable template for Partner Communities—designed for companies offering various kinds of goods or services and looking for a channel to promote the sales of their products via distributors or resellers.

What’s more, a company-specific Partner Community can be rolled out to Production within two to three weeks and at a price that is a fraction of the price typically commanded by other Salesforce consultants.

Among the features:

Branding—Give your Partner Community the look and feel you want, from displaying your company logo and a specific header image to selecting the right color scheme on all web pages.

Deals—Synchronize sales efforts through joint lead and opportunity management, and prevent duplication of efforts across your Partner Community.

Collateral—Empower partners at all stages by providing documentation related to marketing, sales, products, and services.

Marketing Funds—Enable partners to request Marketing Development Funds (MDFs) via an approval process and subsequently claim issuance of funds, also via an approval process.

Explore the Synergies of a Shared Pipeline

Even if some of your partners are hundreds or thousands of miles away, you all will be able to work hand in glove when it comes to getting deals signed.

You can create Leads and assign them to a specific partner. Conversely, a partner can create his own Leads or Opportunities while your stakeholders have clear insight into each partner’s pipeline.

Better yet, both you and your partners will be on the same page when it comes to the products or services you sell. With Ethos Partner Ready, all key information is just a mouse click away — whether a partner needs basic information about your offerings or is at a junction point to close a deal and needs advice from one of your in-house subject matter experts.


We know: there’s only so much you can say on a website. Ethos Partner Ready for Salesforce Communities has many more features and functions you may want to learn about.

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